Our workshops are on the ZOOM Video Conferencing website and  IOS app. They are designed to be the place to go for that casual chat for the individual or the whole team. So let’s get together and start the conversation.

The CrewFusion Zoom Room is open to anyone who feels they have something to contribute when it comes to Human Factors, Leadership & Mental Health.  We feel these topics all tie in together if you have the desire to be a good operator in your workplace.

                                Go ahead and get in contact so that we can get together and make a difference.

CrewFusion Zoom Room #1
Speaker: David East
Guest: Stephen Buckland
Date: 22 October 2018
CrewFusion Zoom Room #2
Speakers: David East & Shawn Spry
Guest: Simon Ozanne
Date: 26 October 2018
CrewFusion Zoom Room #3
Speaker: David East
Date: TBA

Do you have a Safety or Human Factors story you want to chat about? Contact us to set up a Zoom Room chat.

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