Trusting Teams

A team that understands and trusts each other is far more likely to succeed in their goals.

A trusting team is where people can feel safe.
A trusting team is where people can feel vulnerable.
They can raise their hand and admit they made a mistake
Or you’ve put me into a position where I don’t know what to do
Or I’m having trouble at home and I think it’s affecting my work, or I’m scared or I need help

Without any fear of humiliation, without any fear of retribution
In fact they say these things with confidence knowing full well that their leader, their boss, their colleagues will rush to help them. If you do not have trusting teams you will show up to work to people who will hide mistakes through fear of getting in trouble. They will not tell you they have no idea of how to do their job and they will just continue faking it
And eventually cracks will show up
And eventually the organisation will break
Not because of the people, but because of the leaders leading those people

“Fear stricken teams will give you their hands, some of their head and none of their heart.” 

Timothy R. Clark

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