Human Factors

The science of people at work.

Human factors are primarily concerned with understanding human capabilities, and then applying this knowledge to the design of equipment, tools, systems, and processes of work.

The field of human factors can be seen to have four main goals:
1. Enhancing safety
2. Reducing error
3. Enhancing comfort
4. Increasing productivity

         Tailored Human Factors workshops directed precisely to your industry’s requirements.

                   Proven results with Aviation, Rail, Shipping, and Healthcare.

                                         Traditional face to face or online Human Factors facilitated training available.

      Human Performance and Limitations, Culture, Error and Violation management, Stress, Fatigue, Situational Awareness, Decision                                                                                               Making, Communication.

When your business needs INITIAL or REFRESHER Human Factors training by experienced & qualified facilitators, we’re ready to go.

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