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0900 - 1500 AEST                                                                                                    2300 - 0500 UTC


Psychological Safety

  • How to ensure your team is ready for greatness, regardless of who is on it.
  • What is it that prevents you speaking up when someone is putting you in a perilous situation?
  • Motivation or psychological safety…which one is it going to be, or can we do both?
  • 4 Psychological Safety tips that will change your life, and how you can measure it.

Every reason why a High Performance Teams culture is going to rocket you into the stratosphere.

  • A tale of two managers and why Ivan was stuck right in the middle. 
  • What highly successful leaders know about TRUST that you really need to learn. 
  • How to identify and replace the 3 behaviours bringing you and your team down. 

Emotional Intelligence, we’ve all got it, it’s just the amount that varies, right?

  • Can you be a complete badass operator and still roll in with Emotional Intelligence?
  • 4 easy ways to keep your cool when things heat up around you.
  • The Emotional Intelligence guide that will get you everything you ever wanted.

Active Listening

  • What is it about Active Listening that helps us step up to a level of understanding we never knew we had?
  • 3 tips on how to become the best communicator in your organisation. 



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