Welcome to CrewFusion Group!

CrewFusion exists to provide Human Factors training for high end industry.

The place to be for your daily safety reset.

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The Journey Begins

Welcome to CrewFusion!

We’re here to offer chilled out blogs and posts about Crew Resource Management, otherwise now more commonly known as Non Technical Skills.

CRM initially existed to train aircrew to be aware of the Human Factors that exist inside all of us. Later reiterations brought maintenance and the operating organisations to account. Current practices cover a range of  services such as Aviation, Civil Engineering, Construction and the Medical industry.

If we know about these Human Factors, then we can control them to bring a better outcome to any situation. Human Factors have clearly played a part in pretty well every aviation accident over the years. Any good armchair quarterback will boldly tell you why some of these accidents have occurred and will also claim to be immune to the same errors that the crew of that particular crash made.

Now that’s cool and all, but respectfully, those old and bolds are wrong. No one is immune. Everybody is susceptible to the same factors. Some of us however, are able to control them through training, knowledge and experience.

CrewFusion will be a place that you can come to refresh those skills and gain the experience required to recognise when those human factors are going to come and get you.

The most important part of CRM / NTS training is the feedback that we all receive from other peoples “war stories” and experiences. Crew room discussions used to be a big part of any company or unit. CrewFusion is that place where they can happen again. Enjoy these stories and please feel free to comment and provide feedback as you feel appropriate.